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A site that celebrates the study and enjoyment of birds.

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Birdcentral has benefited greatly from photos taken by its readers. Click here to see who has contributed which photo. If you have an image that would add value to this site then get in touch with me at: Thank you!

About this Site

This site is about the study of birds. Specifically, the 600+ species that can be found in the lower 48 states. Being a study of birds it includes a great many different disciplines such as zoology, ecology, and conservation. Additionally, as the quote below indicates, the study of species is important in the study of nature, the mind, and society. We learn a great deal about ourselves as we examine how we share the Earth with various species, we learn about learning, and we learn how different societies operate.

Few words in our language foreshorten intellectual history as much as does the word species. The Greeks, in initiating the intellectual life in Europe, were impressed by characteristic traits of the life of plants and animals; so impressed indeed that they made these traits the key to defining nature and to explaining mind and society. John Dewey, The Influence of Darwinism on Philosophy. (1909)

This site is owned and operated by Dr. Jim Rosso who has studied and taught about birds for over 50 years. It is in constant construction, revision, change, correction, and augmentation. If you have ideas for the site, or if you have found a mistake you may get in touch with Jim at All photos, unless otherwise marked, are under the copyright of Jim Rosso. They are available for student use and other users with the permission of Jim.

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