Birdwatching Trips Back home

The Florida Trip

A week long trip that included a short time in the Everglades.


A two day trip that included the Henry Leu Gardens and White-eyed Vireos.

The Maine Trip

A week long trip that included Acadia National Park and migrating warblers.

The Bahamas

A 2 hour side trip to the Great

Stirrup Cay.

Lake Tahoe, California

A week exploring the meadows and forests of Northern California







Austin, Texas

Four cold days that found Vesper Sparrows, Blue-headed Vireos and other unique birds.


Ft. Myer's Beach, Florida (2010)

Five species of plovers was the highlight for this trip.


Ft. Myer's Beach, Florida, (2011)

A hungry cormorant, a palmed pileated, preening Royal Tern and a low flying Frigatebird highlight a short week in Florida

Ft. Myer's Beach, Florida (2014)

An Osprey goes on the hunt.

New Orleans, Louisiana

A visit to Audubon Park and Zoo along with the City Park

Abu Dhabi

Four day working trip to Abu Dhabi of the UAE


Scandinavia Trip

Three weeks in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway


Merrit Refuge

Pictures from a Weekend at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge



Northern California

A 12 day trip to visit Pacific Grove, Palo Alto, San Francisco and San Rafael

Costa Rica

A wonderfull trip. We were able to visit the east side and live right near the Atlantic Ocean.

Bosque del Apache

A short trip to view the Snow Geese and Sandhill Crane who gather in good number in the refuge.